Medical Marketing
A medical device marketing expert, Jim builds brand fan marketing into companies and physician practices Read More
Business Communication
A certified professional behavior analyst, Jim helps you understand DISC behavior styles and improve your communication Read More
Custom Sales Training
Jim has trained over 500 people in sales, He customizes your sales training to your needs and experience.Read More

DISC Style Wheel of Fortune

Your DISC Style Nightmare The DISC wheel lets you see your style and how close or far you are from the other behavior styles.  This is especially useful when selling a product or service.  We...

Social Communications

Social Media Changed Communications Social media reflects changes in our society and an opportunity to widen your market reach. The Snippet Generation Written and visual communication is networking for the under 30 generation.  We might...

How to Use DISC to Improve Sales Results

Using DISC Improves Your Sales Results Helping you understand how your DISC behavior type and your customer’s DISC is a start to improving sales performance. What is DISC? Basically, its about communication.  Your DISC is...
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